23 Apr 3 Reasons to Read Daring Greatly

I am a big Brene Brown fan.  I enjoy her books and her authentic storytelling, intertwined with her research. Life is messy, and Brown gives us the courage to go there.  If the title of her latest book isn’t enough to entice you, I dare you to read Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly.  Below are three reasons to read this book:

  1. For a compelling case to embrace vulnerability.  Brown draws on over 12 years of research to debunk the myths of vulnerability.  One major myth is that vulnerability is  weakness. We’ve all thought it, right? Brown makes a compelling case for embracing vulnerability, the catalyst for courage, compassion and connection.
  2. For understanding and combating Shame.  Shame is something we all have, but don’t want to talk about.  Shame is lethal.  Brown’s distinction between shame and guilt is eye opening.  The distinction boils down to our self-talk.  Shame = “I am bad” and Guilt is “I did something bad.” For those of you who have read my blog postings about Dweck’s Mindsets, shame is a fixed mindset response.  Based on her research, Brown offers us practical “Gremlin Ninja Warrior Training” to combat shame.
  3. For reasons why to remove our vulnerability armory.  Brown uses the metaphors of masks and armor for how we have learned to protect ourselves from the discomfort of vulnerability, and a world where scarcity, fear, criticism, shame and never enough dominate.  Brown contends that we cannot live an authentic and wholehearted life without removing the armor.  Viking (fight) or victim (flight), are not viable options for dealing with vulnerability.  She offers practical daring greatly strategies to help us embrace vulnerability and courage.

As a spirited female peer said to me once, Browns’ books have been a ‘game changer.’  I wholeheartedly agree! But it does take daily practice.

Brown dares us to have the courage to be vulnerable, show up and be seen, ask for what we need, talk about our feelings and have the hard conversations.  As the book cover articulates,  it is about transforming the way we live, love, parent, teach, and lead.

Watch Brene’s Ted Talk on Listening to Shame and then read her book.

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