In 2015, Golnaz asked herself an important question:

What do I really want and what is my soul telling me is the best path?

Her answer led her to bridge what she had learned from her research on female immigrant identities with a passion for serving women and girls.

Wanting to give her time and energy at a grassroots level, she began on a mission to lead with purpose and impact to improve women’s quality of life and wellbeing through innovation.

Entrepreneurial Feminist

Golnaz is a Co-producer of the Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum 2018 being held in Toronto on Dec 2-3, 2018. Entrepreneurial Feminists are transforming business and leading some of the most powerful changes in our communities. Rooted in values that take good care of people and planet, we are building justice into products and services, operating models, and relationships. In the process, we are building collective power to change the economy.
Entrepreneurial Feminist Forum 2018

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Golnaz has been involved as a consultant and mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton Girls Linking Our World (GLOW) program. This innovative after school mentoring program has been developed in response to the gap in service and supports for young girls ages 12-14 from diverse backgrounds.

The program offers a unique opportunity for young girls to reflect on their own culture and identity, develop leadership skills and nurture respect and acceptance for others. In 2017, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Halton GLOW Mentors were awarded the YMCA of Oakville Group Peace Medal for their impact in the community.



Golnaz is proud to be an activator with SheEO since 2015. SheEO is an innovative new model funding, supporting and celebrating female entrepreneurs of impact. The organization brings together 500 women in each cohort who contribute $1,100 as an act of Radical Generosity.

This money is pooled and loaned out to women-led ventures selected by activators. With a bold mission, SheEO’s goal is to reach 1 million Activators, 10,000 women-led Ventures and a $1 billion perpetual fund to support women for generations to come.