21 Mar It’s Time To Embrace the F-Word!

Perhaps the most offensive f-word today is failure.  It can be a painful experience for any of us.  We’ve all been there!

Yet, some of the most innovative companies like Google and IDEO value failure.  They understand that there is no innovation without trial and error.

As Dr. Carol Dweck suggests in her book Mindset, we as individuals need to understand that failure doesn’t have to define us.

Have you actually listened to yourself when you’ve faced failure?  What do the voices in your head say?

Does failure mean that you are a failure?  By this I mean, when you face a set back, do you say things like  “I guess I’m not very smart,” or “I knew it would be risky, now the whole world knows I’m stupid.”

Often this “helpless” response also termed as a fixed mindset by Dweck results in people giving up too quickly in the face of challenges, falling into a depressed or anxious mood, and/or shying away from trying something new.

There are others who respond very differently to failure.  These “mastery” oriented or growth mindset folks don’t see failure as defining them.

Instead of blaming their intelligence, they look for strategies to improve their performance.  They say things like “The harder it gets, the harder I need to try,” and “Most successful people have faced failures.”

Do you see the difference between the fixed and growth mindset?

The good news is that you can change to a growth mindsetDweck even offers a 4-step process.  Check it out!

Why should you care enough to embrace failure?  Because in a world that needs innovators, you can’t afford not to!



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