Writing & Publications

The Oxford Handbook of Diversity in Organizations

Contesting Institutional Hegemony in Today’s Business Schools

Muslim Minorities, Workplace Diversity and Reflexive HRM

Feminists and Queer Theorists Debate the Future of Critical Management Studies

Competencies, Competencies, Competencies … Wherefore Art Thou Competencies
G. Golnaraghi & M. Rempel
CEWIL/EWO 2019, University of Ottawa

Likes, Hashtags and Retweets: Critical Discourse Analysis of Muslim Women’s Identifies on Social Media
G. Golnaraghi & S. Daghar
CMS 2015, University of Leicester

Fostering Lifelong Learners in Business Education through the Program-Level Integration of Creative Learning Portfolios
G. Golnaraghi, M. Theoret, & J. Wells
STLHE 2015 Conference

On Becoming You: Creating a transformational learning culture in Business Education through Critical Reflection
G. Golnaraghi, G. Grant, A.L. Longmore
Spirituality and Creativity in Management World Congress 2015, ESADE

The Power of Transformational Learning through Critical Reflection and social Dialogue in Online Virtual Learning Environments
G. Grant & G. Golnaraghi
Academy of Management 2014

The Outer Reaches of Inner space: Creating Transformational Learning Cultures in Business Education
G. Golnaraghi, G. Grant & A.L. Longmore
STLHE 2014, Queens University

Hybrid Identities of Muslim Women in Canada
G. Golnaraghi
CMS8 2013, University of Manchester

Deconstructing Cinderella and Shahrazad: Mythology through a Feminist Phronetic Lens
G. Grant & G. Golnaraghi
CMS8 2013, University of Manchester

A Learning Revolution: Creating Transformational Learning Cultures in Leadership Development Education
G. Golnaraghi, M. Noka, P. Bouffard, J. Staples
The Chair Academy Conference 2013

Discourses of Contradiction: A postcolonial analysis of Muslim women and the veil
G. Golnaraghi & K. Dye
Academy of Management 2012

A critical Hermeneutic Approach: CEO speeches in the Financial Services Industry
G. Golnaraghi
IFSAM 2010

Diversity Discourses in Canada: Unveiling Images of the Muslim Immigrant Woman at Work
G. Golnaraghi & A.J. Mills
Islam, Workplace Diversity and Reflexive HRM, 2017

Feminism in the third space – critical discourse analysis of Mipsterz women and grassroots activism
G. Golnaraghi & S. Daghar
Dialogues in Critical Management Studies 3, 2017

The Power of Self-Compassion in the Doctoral Journey
G. Golnaraghi
Contesting Institutional Hegemony in Today’s Business Schools, 2016

Organizational Benefits through diversity management: Theoretical perspectives on the business case
K. Dye & G. Golnaraghi
The Oxford Handbook of Diversity in Organizations, 2016

Closing the 21st Century Knowledge Gap: Re-conceptualizing Teaching and Learning to Transform Business Education
A.L. Longmore, G. Grant & G. Golnaraghi
Journal of Transformative Education, 2017

Discourses of Contradiction: Postcolonial analysis of Muslim women and the veil
G. Golnaraghi & K. Dye
International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 2016

Unveiling the Myth of the Muslim Woman: A postcolonial critique
G. Golnaraghi & A.J. Mills
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion: An International Journal, 2013

“I am a first-generation immigrant from Iran and visitor on this land who arrived due to a revolution uprising in my country. Honouring the women in my lineage, I am the daughter of Mehrangiz Saebi, grand daughter of Ensieh Saebi and Heshmat Golnaraghi. I am grateful and humbled for the opportunity to live, grow and work on the lands protected by the Dish with One Spoon wampum agreement, the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee, Anishnaabeg, the Attawandaron, and the Metis peoples.”

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